This is an optional item for your wedding bouquet purchase.

Are you interested in making your own wedding bouquet by yourself?
We can arrange
2 x 1.5~2 hours - DIY Wedding Bouquet Workshop
for you with bouquet price + $100 / bouquet in McKinnon, VIC.
(* only available with wedding bouquet purchase)

Just hop in our little workshop.
You can use all of our equipment to make your bouquet for your special day.
You don't need to book just before your day, busy period. You can make preserved flower bouquets in advance as they keep their beauty.

Workshop is available by appointment only.
Please check our availability on before you purchase your workshop.

Workshop hours : Tuesday & Thursday : 10:00-15:00, Friday : 10:00-19:00 ( close : 15:00-16:30)