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Are you looking for something special on your favourite vase? You will love our preserved hydrangea with natural stem. * Vase is not included

Hydrangea is one of the strong / long lasting preserved flowers. They will add pretty colors on your table. They are beautiful on their own, more gorgeous when you put 2 sets together or lovely to enjoy mix and match colors. You are purchasing one set ( 2 stems / normally one smaller and one larger) of hydrangea.


  • Soft Pink ( x2 )


    • 2 preserved hydrangea : smaller head ( 12-14cm diameter) + larger head ( 14-17cm diameter)

      *flower + natural stem ( 28-33cm ) *Size are vary. And flower shape might not be perfect as they made from natural flowers. ( Please understand : The look of hydrangea is vary. They look better on sunny side, often has missing branches / flowers etc.)

    • * Sample vase hight : 21cm ( we display with extended stem) *optional service : Natural stemmed flowers are suitable for vase up to 18cm, but they are suitable for higher vase like our photos. We can extend the natural stems with floral wire ( to 40-50cm in total length ) for your convenience without cost. ( please mention on comment) You can also cut them off if you decide not to use them. ( we will bend the extended wire stem for delivery )

    • *We will wrap as a bouquet. * Preserved flowers are not suitable to display together with fresh flowers as they don't like water.

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