Fleuri Flowers - preserved flowers shop

Preserved Flowers are your DREAM COME TRUE!

Preserved Flowers are totally different from Dried Flowers or Artificial Flowers. They are made from natural flowers and it might be difficult for you to tell the difference. They look like fresh flowers and are soft to the touch, very similar to fresh flowers thanks to its innovative technology. Best of all, you don't have to water them at all and it lasts several years, making you smile all year round. No allergy worries as well, as there are no pollens in them. 

We are sure you will be surprised how beautiful they are and how long they will last! Our dream is sharing the beauty, happiness and smiles of the FLEURI Preserved Flowers.

How long can Preserved Flowers last?

Preserved Flowers won’t die. But they can slowly get old / fade or become dusty, just like any other home decor. You may realise artificial flowers also fade and age with light or dusts etc.. 

Their life depends on the environment it is in. But they keep their perfect look for months, and are still as beautiful a year or two for domestic use. They may age quicker for commercial use because they get more dust / hand oil etc. from more traffic. But you can prevent that with frequent care.

Let us show you some facts. 

This photo show you the flowers after 6 months. They didn't change much in 6 months. They were displayed on open shelves.

More examples here, 2 years old this time. Yes, they faded to a lighter color. They were on an uncovered open-space, next to the door entrance for 2 years. They would have been under slight sunlight and more traffic / wind as they were placed at the entrance. So we can say they were in a good environment, but still pretty enough to bring us smiles everyday. If left in a better environment, it will definitely hold it's beauty bettert. 

Finally, this is our 5 year old display in open shelves. They faded in colors and some petals are tired or turned slightly translucent because of humidity. Some may think they are old and not nice, but some may think they are still pretty and even better in antique like colors. Their lifetime is totally depending on you.


● Please DO NOT WATER Preserved Flowers, Preserved Flowers hate water and humidity.

-- Humidity may cause color fade, color transfer and petal translucence.

● Please avoid direct sunlight or strong light.

-- Lights may cause color fade and dryness. Especially for lighter colored preserved flowers.

● Please avoid wind and air from air-conditioning / heater.

-- This may cause dryness and make the petals fragile and breakable.

● Please try not to touch Preserved Flowers and mind your clothes, wall or furniture. 

-- There are dyes being used to preserve the color.

● Perfect to keep Preserved Flowers in dust free environment

-- Blowing off the dust by a cool heat setting dryer (weak blow setting) is a good idea to keep Preserved Flowers fresh without dust.

● Please keep away from children, pets and fire.

-- Preserved Flowers uses chemicals and dyes which are safe to our body based on safety regulation for baby toys, but this is a ornamental item.