Fleuri Flowers - preserved flowers shop


  • Rose
        Small - 3.5-4.5cm / 4.5cm~ after blooming
        Medium - 4-5cm / 5cm~ after blooming
        Large - 4.5-5cm / 5cm~ after blooming
  • Old Rose
        Medium - 4-5cm / 5cm~ after blooming
        Large - 5.5cm-8cm / 6cm~ after blooming
  • Carnation - 5-6.5cm
  • Gerbera - 5.5-8cm

* These are average size as Preserved Flowers are made from natural product


We proudly hand-bloom our roses and fix other type of flower petals to maximise their natural look. 

Our bouquets have mixed stems of wire, natural or extension stems. 

  • Preserved MAIN or SMALL Flowers
    Most our preserved main / small flowers are originally preserved flower heads only and we individually attach wire stems on them. We specially mention it if they have natural stem.
  • Preserved Foliage
    Most of our preserved foliage has natural stems, but we may cut, fix, extend them with wire or attach them together occasionally to maximise their beauty. Please contact us if you are interested in more detail on each foliage. We can also leave them as original appearance on request, but they may look different or less amount than our sample photos.