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Would you like to enjoy preserved flowers in your favourite vase? These hydrangea has long shape with large petals in dusk colour tone. Hydrangeas are one of the longest lasting preserved flowers. They will add colours to your home for a long time.
* No vase included ( sample basket - hight : 26cm / width : 15cm )

Preserved Flower

  • Hydrangea - Long - Dusk Colours series : ALL colours, Dusk Rose, Lavender Pink, Lavender, Dusk Green, Dusk Moss and Dusk Brown Beige* Dusk Green and Moss has similar colour tone and difficult to tell the difference for some ( Dusk Series is gradation coloured and each piece is one of a kind. Each piece has different tone of colours, some is darker, some is lighter. They are suitable for people who enjoy their personality.)


  • Width : approx. 15cm / Flower Length : approx. 20cm / Full Length 40cm+
  • * one large flower head on 1-3 stems

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