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Too many to choose from? Simply choose hydrangea's colour from our popular DUSK series. We will pick suitable flowers and greenery for you from our beautiful seasonal preserved flowers. We have now added "choice of UPSIZED with 3 flowers". *Photos are just examples. Flower colours may vary.

* Vase not included

Bouquet Size

  • Length : approx.40cm+ / Width : approx. 23cm+ * Sample Vase Hight : 18.5cm

Preserved Hydrangea

  • Hydrangea - Long : Pick one colour from Dusk Rose(A) , Dusk Lavender Pink(B) or Dusk Lavender Gradation(C)*
  • * Hydrangea size and shapes are vary. We promise to use at least one stem of hydrangeas as main. They are originally on stem, but we may separate them to 2 or more to create perfect balance of bouquets.

Preserved Flowers with wire stems

  • Rose / Old Rose / Carnations etc. : Standard (Small x 1, Mini x 1 ) or UPSIZED** (Mediumx2 and Small x1 with more hydrangea / greenery)
  • **Photos are just samples. We will pick 2 suitable flowers from our variety of seasonal flowers.

Preserved Small Flowers and Foliage

  • Limonium, Eryngium, Baby Breath, Fern etc.***
  • ***Photos are just samples. We will pick small flowers and foliage from our variety of seasonal flowers.

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