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Too many to choose from? Leave it up to our florists to create a gorgeous seasonal arrangement just for you.

We proudly introduce this in our best seller, signature preserved moss vase.

By choosing this way to order, you will receive more value of flowers. Flower varieties may vary from picture but we will always keep within your choice of color tone and quality.

Dear repeat customers : We are happy to make matching arrangements or can try not to use duplicate flowers if you are able to specify your last order with actual photo.


  • You are choosing STRAWBERRY PINK color tone for our Florist Choice range. Your arrangement will be finalised with any of strawberry pink gradation include strawberry pink, pink, magenta, deep coral, orange, red, pink red, dark red, wine red and deep pink etc. with clear to deep touch of green colors.


  • approx H10 xW10 x L16cm

    * Sizes vary due to handmade natural product

Preserved Flowers / Greenery

  • Rose, Carnation or other seasonal flowers ( Mix flowers and sizes, at least Mx3 + Sx1 ) x 4pcs
  • Seasonal Small flowers and Greenery : ex. Moss, Hydrangea, Baby breath etc.
  • Guideline : Preserved Flowers - approx 95%, Dried Flowers might included- 5% for more variety of flowers ( let us know if you prefer 100% preserved )

*We proudly offer you beautiful natural look with our special blooming technique by hand.

*Basic Rose approx. size ( after blooming ) : L - W7.5-8.5cm, M - 6-7cm, S - 5-6cm * Old Rose approx. : L - W6.5-7cm, M - 5-5.5cm

Please note : We will keep the style of arrangement, but flower variety / greenery may be slightly change depending on seasonal availability. Please Talk to Us for other colors or sizes.

*This arrangement will NOT be in a gift box.

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