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"ON SALE"Preserved Flowers in Lovely antique wooden bowl will bring smiles every single day for you. * This special wooden bowls are antique. So they could be slightly shabby. If you don't like antique look. Please choose another one.


  • approx H9 xW12 x L12cm

    * Sizes vary due to handmade natural product

Preserved Flowers / Greenery

  • Old Rose M- Cream Red
  • French Rose S - Red
  • Rose SS - Red
  • Seasonal Greenery and small flowers : ex. Moss, Hydrangea, Baby breath etc.
  • Guideline : Preserved Flowers - approx 95%, Dried Flowers might included- 5% for more variety of flowers ( let us know if you prefer 100% preserved )

*We proudly offer you beautiful natural look with our special blooming technique by hand.

*Basic Rose approx. size ( after blooming ) : L - W7.5-8.5cm, M - 6-7cm, S - 5-6cm * Old Rose approx. : L - W6.5-7cm, M - 5-5.5cm

Please note : We will keep the style of arrangement, but flower variety / greenery may be slightly change depending on seasonal availability. Please Email Us for our current availability. We can also make to order with any colors you like. For custom order, we will show you our available colors before / after your order.

* A gift box is optional.

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