Would you like to enjoy preserved flowers in your favourite vase? Fleuri Flowers will bring beautiful long lasting bouquet for you. Made to order welcome for any size and colors.* No vase included ( Sample vase hight : 19cm) * We are very sorry we can't show you complete photo. We decided to list with photo of materials (flowers and greenery) to show you more variety on web.


  • Length : approx. 30-40cm / Width : approx. 30-35cm * We may bend long stem for delivery.

Preserved Flowers

  • Old Rose x 2 - 4.5~5cm cm ( slightly bloomed ~5.5cm) : Pink and Strawberry and Large Old Roses -6~7cm ( slightly bloomed 6.5~) : Pink and Lavender gradation with wire stem.
  • Wire Stemmed Hydrangea x 2 stems : Pink (slightly smaller) and Beige * sorry natural stemmed hydrangea is out of stock
  • Natural Stemmed Hydrangea x 2 : Pink Paniculata
  • Natural Stemmed Baby Breath : Green * with extension
  • Wire stemmed Hydrangea x 2 - Light Green Gradation *with wire stem
  • Natural Stemmed Ruscus Leaves - Light Green * with extension - one stem may cut to few to maximise their beauty
  • Mixture of natural, extension and wire stems. We try our best to give them natural look, but put wire extension for flexibility. We will leave longer stems without cutting for your convenience in case if you would like to re-design your bouquet, but may bend them for delivery. You can use as they are or cut them out for your decoration. * Vase is not included

  • We proudly hand bloom our flowers but we will do slight blooming for better strength of flowers.
    Please note : We will keep the style of bouquet, but variety of flowers / greenery may be slightly change depending on seasonal availability.

    We are happy to make to order with your colors and budget. Please Email Us for make to order items. We will show you our available colors / flowers / greenery.