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Enjoy our our NEW creation with Preserved & Dried flowers.
This Pink Blush has pretty colored flowers with white and natural green to brighten you up. This page is for smaller bouquet, Small-Medium size.

You may think that dried flowers are hard and dull in colors, but we could express fresh, natural and cute appearance with great mixture of Preserved and Dried flowers.
As we specially picked long lasting preserved flowers and dried flowers for this series, they smile to you longer than fully preserved flower bouquets. And they are reasonable for you to enjoy more.

Bouquet Size / Design

  • Length : approx. 40+cm / Width : approx. 23+cm ( Smaller one in the first photo)
  • Design : Front Facing / Preserved & Dried Flowers Bouquet without Vase

Preserved Flowers / Foliage

  • Limonium, Crystal Grass, Fern, Baby Breath etc.

Dried Flowers / Foliage

  • Titree, Bunny Tail, Nigella Flowers, Meadow Daisies etc.

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