Fleuri Flowers - preserved flowers shop

Would you like to enjoy preserved flowers in your favourite vase? Fleuri Flowers will bring beautiful long lasting bouquet for you.

* We are sorry we can't show you a completed photo here. Please allow us to list photos of materials (flowers and greenery) to show you more variety on web. Flowers are before blooming, so they will bloom larger when we finalise. The last photo is an example completed bouquet for your reference.

* Vase Sold SeparatelyHERE.

Bouquet Size

  • Length : approx.40cm+ / Width : approx. 25cm+ * Sample Vase Hight : 19cm

Preserved Main Flowers with wire stems

  • Rose - L - Flamingo Pink
  • Old Round Rose - M - Yellow with Pink tip
  • Rose - M - Champagne

Preserved Small Flowers and Foliage

  • Hydrangea with Stem : Green, White
  • Hydrangea Head with wire - Pink
  • Baby Breath - Fresh green
  • Limonium - Yellow, Fresh etc.
  • Eryngium - Pink
  • Fern - White

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