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Full of love in beautiful box basket. They suit anywhere around your house. We can make to order with any color your like


  • approx H8 xW20 x D 15cm ( Basket)

    * Sizes vary due to handmade natural product
  • * We are able to make to order this item. Please contact us hello@fleuri.com.au

Preserved Flowers / Greenery

  • Old Rose L - Soft Pink
  • Old Rose - Dark Pink
  • Frill Rose- Pink Gradation
  • Frill Rose S- Soft Pink
  • Old Rose S -
  • Hydrangea, Eucalyptus etc.Guideline : Preserved Flowers - approx 95%, Dried Flowers might included- 5% for more variety of flowers( inform us if you prefer 100% preserved )

*We proudly offer you beautiful natural look with our special blooming technique by hand.

*Basic Rose approx. size ( after blooming ) : L - W7.5-8.5cm, M - 6-7cm, S - 5-6cm * Old Rose approx. : L - W6.5-7cm, M - 5-5.5cm

Please note : We will keep the style of arrangement, but flower variety / greenery may be slightly change depending on seasonal availability.Please Email Us for our current availability. We can make to order any colors. We will show you our available colors before / after your order.

*You can choose from with or without clear gift box.

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